From Chef Gino's Kitchen...

After the success of our pizza recipes, we've decided to launch a dedicated Friday Pizza add-on option. You can now pick from 4 different LARGE pizzas every week...

The speciality bases and range of toppings will be included in your normal DayToDay Box being delivered on Mondays, meaning you have another day of hassle-free and fun cooking in store for your family.

Check out some of our pizzas available for delivery in your DayToDay Box on Monday, January 28th!

Cheesy Chicken & Peppadew 

Tropical chicken and pineapple rustica pizza with caramelied onion, corn and peppadews topped with a smoky BBQ sauce and stringy mozzarella.


Gino believes in bringing excitement, experimentation and happiness to the kitchen of every DayToDay family. He does the hard work so that you can enjoy dinner. Only the best ingredients and easy-to-make recipes pass his test!


DayToDay founders Geir and Sissel

believe in a revolution of the way we live with food.

Putting family health, ease and quality first, DayToDay has grown across South Africa from its beginnings in a home kitchen.There's no better way to celebrate that than pizza; perfect family-friendly food!

Spiced Hawaiin 

Decadent gypsy ham and roasted pineapple hawaiin pizza with smoky paprika and sharp and sweet gratinated gouda.

Here are the pizza add-on options for your box on

Monday, January 28th!

(Familia Standard)


"We've had the most fun in the past weeks!

My husband and I have prepared meals together,

enjoyed eating them and then rated each meal thereafter.

Thank you DayToDay."

- Deone

(Familia Special)

Spiced Hawaiin 

(Rustica Standard)

Coppa Margharita

"Very convenient...

I don't have to plan meals

or go shopping for ingredients.

I now have extra time for my kids!!"

- Sorita

(Rustica Special)

Cheesy Chicken & Peppadew 

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